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The Nick in question this half of the episode is Nick DiPaolo.  He is something of a controversial comedian that leans somewhat to the right but despite this I cannot recommend his Raw Nerve recording enough.  With this the episode cuts back to the Comedy Cellar where Louie is doing a bit about being called an “Indian giver” recently.  He decrees that this is one of the most offensive things you could say being that it makes you a person gives somebody something then change your mind but in the context of relating it to Native Americans it doesn’t exactly work considering when people arrived in America they weren’t exactly given the country so much as they just took it.  Then he ends his set as Nick DiPaolo steps out onstage immediately joking about the shaved head MC as “going through chemo”.  From here he likens the Comedy Cellar to the basement of Al-Qaeda’s hide out.  Things cut to Louie fresh offstage asking the waitress how things are going tonight as she moans that she is waiting “two tables all black people so I know is that I’m not making any tips” to which Louie responds “you being serious right now?” asking her if she is seriously being “that racist?”  With this the waitress qualifies her statement saying how she has been waiting tables for five years and has never got a tip from a black person.  Louie maintains that is racist at which point a black waitress asks “what are you talking about?” as Louie angrily states “she says black people don’t tip” to which the waitress responds “are you nuts?  Niggers don’t tip, everyone knows that.  Have you ever waited tables before?  Then shut up asshole”.  We cut back to DiPaolo onstage saying that he pulled a muscle in his neck giving his wife the finger behind her back before asking “ever hold a piss for so long it turned into a shit?”  He then changes track by stating that he doesn’t know why the audience voted for Obama as the room goes quiet and frosty saying “oh boy I hit you right in the white guilt muscle.”  From here he lays into Obama as the camera cuts to Louie shaking his head.  Afterwards Louie and Nick are sat in a booth with Todd Barry as DiPaolo complains “people are such hypocrites down there” as Louie responds “I’m sure you did better at the Hitler Youth rally” as they proceed to dig at each other over politics with DiPaolo eventually saying “white guys don’t have a voice in this country anymore” as Louie continues to liken him to a Nazi before DiPaolo throws a glass of water over him and they get into a fight which results in DiPaolo cutting his right hand open (“Jesus man, it looks bad”).  With this we cut to the pair of them waiting in the A&E department of a hospital.  Now that things have calmed down Nick asks Louie how the kids are as his wife phones to see where he is.  He just tells her “I’m out” as Louie says “you didn’t tell her where you are?” to which he responds “she’ll just start worrying, what’s the use?”  Smiling Louie comments “it must be nice having someone at home worrying for you”.  DiPaolo shrugs this statement off before saying how the other day he received a package from India which turned out to be a “brick of Viagra” which his wife ordered online.  He adds how great his wife is but “some nights you just want a burger and hit the sack”.  They’re in counselling now and every other night he sticks a wooden medicated boner in her as they now sit around waiting to see who’s going to die first.  By the time they get out of the hospital the sun has risen.  As they walk along the quiet morning streets Louie apologises for DiPaolo’s hand and for calling him a Nazi as he responds “don’t worry about it faggot”.  As DiPaolo hails a cab he comments “remember when we were in our twenties we used to come home this late because we were all getting laid?” to which Louie responds “we never got laid”.  And as the cab pulls off Louie gives Nick the finger.  With this we cut back to Louie at Carolines recounting picking up a friend’s cousin visiting New York (or any city) for the first time at the Port Authority as she freaks out at New York.  Then as they pass a homeless guy while the locals ignore him she immediately bends down and takes a knee to him asking “what happens?”  As she offers to help out Louie and his friend set about tell her not to bother the homeless guy and correcting her behaviour as if she is doing something wrong.  No, that’s America and that is how they do.  And with that the episode ends.  The credit sequence sees Dr Ben (Ricky Gervais) on the phone to Louie giving a series of diagnosis, each more in bad taste as the last.

Yeah its good.  Nick DiPaolo is a fine act and the episode goes places.

That being neither ring wing or liberal works.  Racism isn’t worth fighting over.  Black people don’t tip.

At a time when you not supposed to say anything politically incorrect, these two are happy to snap their differences back and forth.  Then ultimately the disagreement proves a waste of time as some things are never going to change meanwhile there will always be more important issues to take care off at home.

Louie begins doing a bit at the Comedy Cellar about being called an “Indian giver” and is then followed on stage by Nick DiPaolo who upsets the crowd with his Obama comments.

So this is the episode addressing racism.

“At least you’ve got that dirty jizz rag seeping germs into your wound”.  “I think I saw the bartender spit into it and wipe off some AIDS vomit”.

There actually aren’t many jokes in this episode, more it is quite the sobering reality check.

Louie and Nick are performing at the Comedy Cellar.

White people love arguing over racism.  As if that is an issue that should affect us any further than acting with basic human decency.  So obviously I have had debates with my friends over racism over the years and I must concede I have always tended to side more with a murky interpretation of the issue as per DiPaolo as opposed to the black and white clarity of Louie.  Also the early morning exchange after being out all night is always a glorious, bonding and philosophical moment as display here with these guys.

I’m a bit fan of Nick DiPaolo and think he is great in this episode.

Nick DiPaolo and Todd Barry.  DiPaolo is part of the Louie-Sopranos connection having appeared as Joey the cop in the season four episode Christopher.

No explicit links but DiPaolo and Barry are recurring pieces of furniture in the series.

The cut on DiPaolo’s hand doesn’t look that bad.

With Louie doing a bit at the Comedy Cellar talking about hit shitty body before moving onto his general health concerns and how it affects his having sex.

With Dr Ben (Ricky Gervais) ringing Louie with the results of his blood work.  At this point he tells Louie that he needs him to come back in and take some more tests as his blood work shows that he might have “slight big fat ginger uglitus”.  Again duped, Louie responds “oh my god, you’re suck a dick” as Dr Ben laughs down the line at him.  Then ceasing his laugh he adds “no, you’ve got AIDS but don’t worry as the cancer is going to eventually kill the AIDS before it kills you quite slowly and painfully.  No, I’m (joking), you do have cancer though.  Loads of it, in your scrotum.  In fact, that’s all there is in the scrotum.  No balls at all, just two unhealthy lumps of cancer that replaced the horrible old squidgy bollocks that were there and that’s gonna kill you as well so erm.  By the way the AIDS shows, it’s very extensive, it shows you got AIDS from raping little blind boys” at which point Louie hangs up and throws his phone down as a grinning Dr Ben puts down his phone looking quite pleased with himself.

The return of Gervais at the end somewhat disjoints things.  Perhaps episode 3 should have featured this section first and the Dr Ben portion in the second half.

Louie’s a jerk.

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